Being Selected for a Board is Exciting

It recognizes your leadership, business acumen, and the value of your contributions. You have gained visibility in your industry — achieving respect from your peers.

I partner with my clients in a strategic process to help them develop and communicate their value proposition for boards. We assess their board readiness: either making a transition from operating to governance roles or seeking additional board positions.

My process helps my clients achieve clarity — about how to position themselves as a board candidate. We explore board committees — where they can add the greatest value. We demonstrate their board readiness — in preparing bios and for interviews.

Margaret Chan

Gaining insight on your value proposition will help you assess your readiness for a new level of leadership.

Margaret’s breadth and depth of experience provided meaningful perspectives.

As I started my search for board positions, Margaret provided meaningful perspectives which led to actionable next steps. She is professional, organized, articulate, and quite a good listener. I really enjoyed working with her.

Former founder of PE firm and investment banker
Board Candidacy Testimonial

Margaret is highly skilled at working with senior executives who are considering board positions.

She is perceptive and intelligent. She helped me develop my resume and biography to target board positions effectively. In the process, she helped me recognize my strengths and outline next steps. A bonus is that Margaret is a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her.

Former managing director at global bank
Board Candidacy Testimonial

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